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Hello and Welcome! Feed a Seed is a young Company, however our goal is to become South Africa’s leading cannabis seed bank. We aim to achieve this through superior quality product selection from internationally recognized seed producers only, and superb customer service and experience. Our product range is continually expanding, so please feel free to check back periodically or better yet bookmark our page… sign-up for our newsletter

We specialize in tried and tested medical-grade cannabis strains in bulk and at very reasonable prices. We also have a growing range of seeds available as single seeds or breeder packs.

Feed a Seed has teamed up with the internationally recognized KK2 Trading and several of the world’s leading wholesale seed banks and breeders to bring you the very best of what European, Canadian and American Medicinal Cannabis seed breeders have to offer. With headquarters in Canada and the UK, Canuk’s mission is to provide professional and amateur medical marijuana growers with the most reliable Cannabis genetics available.

So that you can achieve the best results possible, products are only released onto the market, after years of research and analysis. We have isolated genetic traits that produce plants that are stable, reliable, fast-growing, hardy, high-yielding, high in THC or CBD, disease-resistant, mold-resistant, and wonderfully aromatic and flavorsome. Additionally, our seeds achieve a germination rate of over 99.00%.

These are Seeds that you can purchase with complete peace of mind. Yes, you might find slightly cheaper, or what you might consider being cheap auto-flower seeds, however, we can assure you that they don’t have the same stable genetics that our strains do. With us, Germination is Guaranteed.

There is no need to be concerned about your seeds being seized or delayed by customs. Our Shipping is a Premium Service. Packages are: Shipped from our Seed Bank within South Africa and Delivery is Guaranteed and Completely Discreet. Delivery time: 3 – 5 Working Days after payment has cleared and is Free on all orders over R1000.00.

We also have a range of auto-flowering seeds that are low THC, but high in CBD. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service, the quality of our products, as well as our Safe and Reliable Order and Delivery systems, which include cool-chain management.

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1. Modern Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis seeds are easy to grow. If you choose a reliable seed bank. 

In short, the introduction of Cannabis Ruderalis has been a proverbial ‘game-changer’. Early crosses from the 1980s left a lot to be desired as the Ruderalis genetics were still strong. However modern auto-flower seeds are what are used by commercial growers and offer many benefits vs. Feminized Photoperiod strains. Feminized strains require much more management, both in time and resources than auto-flowering plants do. Additionally, the long growing periods of regular or feminized seeds make them prone to a myriad of potential ailments & problems.

Most if not all these potential problems can be eliminated by growing auto-flowers. Which, because of their speed is simply too fast for these ailments to establish. Auto seeds are by definition feminized the only difference is that Autos automatically switch to flower, normally 3-4 weeks after germination, they do this irrespective of light conditions/hours. It’s in their genes.

The key is to purchase wisely, please feel free to compare our prices and remember these are seeds produced in an industrial setting for commercial purposes.

If time is not a constraint and you prefer Feminized Seeds: See our list of Top Selling Femininsed Strains that are Reliable, Fast, High Yielding and High in THC Here. Moving on…

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2. Modern Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds can be grown Cheaply

Contrary to popular belief, modern auto-flowering weed does not require an expensive set-up, with lights, dehumidifiers, extractors, and chemical fertilizers, etc. As it turns out, modern autos thrive in organic outdoor conditions with natural sunlight. If you have good soil you’re typically good to go and can achieve remarkable results just by popping them in the ground. No electric light can compete with the power of the sun and it’s free.

If you have an unlimited budget to spend on hardware and electricity for lights, fans, etc. Then you’re well on your way to achieving a great harvest. Please check back here for our article on how to grow marijuana cheaply indoors.

3. Modern Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds are very Potent – Provided you buy from a reliable seed bank.

The more so the better, right? Seed breeders have for decades been selectively breeding strains to maximize speed, yield and the THC or CBD content, and they are wonderfully aromatic. The key is to choose a strain that suits your needs. You can choose between a pure Sativa, like the world-famous South African Landrace, Durban Poison, or a pure Indica, like the equally famous Hindu Kush. Or even one of the many hybrids of both.

Then there are also “CBD Strains” with higher levels of CBD and low levels of THC, less than 1%, like our Elixir CBD. They don’t get you high but have all the medical Benefits.

Modern auto-flowering strains, like those available here at Feed a Seed, are just as potent as regular or feminized strains.

With THC levels of up to 30% and CBD levels in excess of 20%, modern auto-flowering cannabis strains have truly come of age. No matter your preferred ‘pony’, you can rest assured that modern auto-flowering feminized seeds produce truly potent weed.

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4. Modern Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds are much Faster than Feminized Seeds

The crossing of Cannabis Ruderalis with either Cannabis Sativa or Indica or with a hybrid. Results in a plant that automatically switches to flower 3-4 weeks after sprouting. Combine this with the traits of fast-growing specimens of any strain and you have a winning recipe. This means that some auto-flowering weed strains are ready for harvest just 55 days after sprouting. Longer strains can take up to 90 days before harvesting. This stands in stark contrast to the up-to 270 days or sometimes even more that photo-period plants can take to mature.

5. Modern Autos produce relatively Massive Yields

Whilst it is true that you can’t create something out of nothing, and that auto-flowering strains because of their shorter growing period, therefore naturally deliver lower yields than their slower-growing photo-period cousins do. This is a typical tortoise and hare scenario though. With yields of up to 500 grams per plant or more in roughly 70 days, from strains like Cheese, we would argue that it is much of a muchness. If you consider the timespan and yield of an auto-flower with that of a feminized photoperiod seed or plant, auto-flowers are without a doubt, the thoroughbreds of the cannabis seed world. It is in their genes to sprint all the way to the finish line. This leads us to our next point…

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6. Modern Auto Seeds produce plants are extremely hardy

Gone are the days when hybrids were not at all that stable, and were prone to all manner of ailments and diseases, and vulnerable to insect infestation. As mentioned above, the speed of growth of modern auto-flowers means that they simply avoid many of the pitfalls of longer grows. Modern autos are the product of selective breeding programs that have isolated characteristics that eliminate problems common to those strains. Additionally, if you follow an organic grow program you will enhance your plant’s natural resistance. Or what’s called SAR, systemic acquired resistance.  In this way, auto-flowers lend themselves to organic growing methods. Which are beneficial to the environment and your health.

7. Modern Auto-flowering seeds are adaptable and versatile

Whether you would like to grow indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors, in a pot, or even in the ground, it doesn’t matter.  Auto-flowering weed can be grown in a wide range of situations and climatic conditions. Indica strains typically do better in cooler climates and Sativas in warmer climates.

If for climatic reasons or for reasons of discretion you need to grow indoors then modern auto seeds are perfect. Simply Buy Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds / Strains that are less lanky strain and grow them indoors.

If you live in a Mediterranean climatic zone, you have the best of both worlds, Sativas in the summer and Indicas in the winter. This is no hard and fast rule though and the point is that you can grow when and where you want to. What does matter is the quality of your substrate, the size of your pots, the bigger the better, your watering regime, and of course light.  

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8. Modern Auto-flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds can give you several crops a year.

Because of their short, germination to harvest period, with flowering happening irrespective of light conditions, and the fact that most strains can cope with a wide range of climatic conditions. In Mediterranean or warmer climates, most strains can be grown throughout the year. In cooler climates frost, and in hot humid climates, excessive rain, would be your only enemies. Avoid those and you can grow, grow, grow…Autos can cope with as little as 8 hours of light a day. That’s why Autos are the answer if you need outdoor harvests all year round.

9. CBD is your friend

Many people mistakenly believe that because autoflowering seeds have been crossed with Ruderalis, which is essentially high in CBD, that autoflowering germs produce plants that are are also high in CBD and lack THC. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most autos have THC levels that are off the charts, and that will blow your socks off. Some strains are high in CBD, but surely it is a case of horses for courses. Do you really want to turn down the Girl Scout Cookies because they have a sprinkling of CBD? No, because CBD has been shown to be beneficial for a plethora of medical conditions. CBD is your friend.

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10. Why swim against the tide? Buy Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

At Feed a Seed we only select internationally recognized wholesale seed banks. Hopefully all the above proves to you that contemporary auto-flowering cannabis strains are the best choice for beginner growers and experienced growers alike. Why swim against the tide? Take advantage of the versatility and the wide variety of Autos available now, here at Feed a Seed/Shop. You’ll be so glad you did.

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