Complete AquaValve5 Auto-Pot Automatic Hydroponic System on Sale + Bonus

AquaValve5 Auto-Pot Automatic Hydroponic System

Introducing the New and Improved AQUAValve5 Auto-Pot, Automatic Hydroponic System. Available here in two sizes as complete kits, a 24 Pot set-up and a 36 Pot set-up. The basic features are 24 or 36 x 15L pots, an air pump which delivers on spec 100L/min and a 400L tank, all of which make it extremely versatile and care-free to operate. Please see below details about the full content of the Package Deal, there is a surprise.

The whole system can be used both indoors and out or even split between the two. The modular nature is extremely versatile and the entire system could easily be moved even during your growing season. It can be used for a wide variety of plant types and sizes.

This unique system and large tank size allows gardeners to relax and even go away on holiday and still be assured of healthy plants and bumper harvests. If your are looking for a hydroponic Set-up that offers Automation, Low maintenance, and Reliability at an Affordable Price. Look no further, than the AQUAValve5 Auto-Pot Automatic Hydroponic System

Seasonal flowering plants and perennial shrubs thrive and produce an abundance of blooms and foliage because of the unique action designed to allow the plant to go through a wet & dry cycle. To further ensure that you achieve bumper harvests every time. We include a “perfect fit” Air Pump, delivering 100L/min. This makes the entire system ideal for Cannabis grows.


This automated approach is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single tank. The pots & trays can be easily moved at will, if the plants grow too large they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up and a tank is filled with water & liquid feed this extremely versatile set-up will completely take care of all your plants needs. Whilst there are smaller Kits available, the limiting size and cost per unit/auto-pot, of these smaller systems make them unviable, which is why we would only recommend the larger 24 and 36 pot systems. Which offer much lower overall cost per unit and give you the flexibility to put the system to viable multi-crop use.

The automated system works via “gravity feed” making it easy to install and maintain without wasting a single drop of water or electricity. The Marix fibre pads prevent substrate from entering the nutrient solution. This along with the new and improved Aquavalve5 Automatic Hydroponic System’s 66% Bigger Inlet, 9mm Piping and Fittings eliminate the occasional system blockages that occurred in the older 5mm system.

The only maintenance required is to keep an eye on the pH level of your nutrient solution (Once every 7-14 Days) and to adjust accordingly. To help you with this a Digital pH meter is included in the promotion.

It is recommended to give the whole system a general clean after each crop rotation or at least once every 6 months.

A wide range of growing substrates can be used, either traditionally with soil or hydroponically.

Your AQUAValve5 Auto-Pot 24/36 Pot Automatic Hydroponic System Includes:

1 x Plant-IT pH Meter (See Above)

1 x ACQ 007 Electromagnetic Air Pump, 100L/min

1 x 8cm Round Air Stone

1 x 400 Ltr FlexiTank

24/36 x 1 Pot Trays & lids

24/36 x 15ltr Pots

24/36 x AutoPot 1 Pot Accessory Packs with AQUAVALVE 5. (Incl. 24/36 Marix 24 Root control disks, 24/36 x 1 Meters of 9mm Autopot piping, 12/18 Cross Connector (12mm to 9mm)

1 x 12mm Click-fit tank adaptor & filter

1 x 10/15 meter Length of 12mm pipe

2/3 x 12mm In-line tap

4/6 x 12mm In-line tap adaptor

1 x 12mm Tee Piece (24 Pot System Only)

1 x Cross Connector (36 Pot System Only)

2 x 12mm Elbow

25/50 Bulk Seeds* (Value R1490/R2750)

Bulk Cannabis Seeds for sale

Growing Media: (Not Included) Use coco coir based substrates of your choice, as coco coir is great at soaking and dispersing water throughout the substrate from the bottom of the pots.

It is also recommended to use about 1lt of LECA (Clay pebbles) to fill the bottom of each pot, before filling up the rest of the pot with your substrate of choice.

Other goodies required if you do not have: (Mineral) Nutrients, pH Up, pH Down and pH Test kit or pH Meter (Included).

24Pot System Instructions

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